The End of American Civilization

A guest post by Jogo (3 of 3):

The Drudgeport today (and also yesterday), in huge headline caps, blares:
Forgive me for opining that this sort of thing is treasonous. I don't mean legally treasonous. And I don't want to get into the question of whether Mel Gibson is qualified to come to that conclusion – or whether Mayan human sacrifice and American War Dead both amount to the same thing (which he says they do).

I mean that, under present circumstances, Mel's jeremiad (root: Jeremiah?) gives comfort to our enemies and weakens us at home. In the global media environment, Mel's prophecy is at this moment being broadcast on al-Jazeera, with English subtitles. That's cultural treason, desultory treason.

Who, indeed, is Mel addressing? You have to wonder.

Because if it's *us* he's talking to -- the American people -- well, "people," frankly, don't know what "civilization in decline" means. They think it means whatever they don't like -- Iraq war, abortion, overweight Imperial State, gay marriage, coddling of criminals, teachers blowing teen-age boys ... whatever...

So that's not really a useful thing to say. Besides, might Mel's prophecy have anything to do with some weird apocalyptic vision related to his personal religious ideas? Who knows?

Maybe Mel is talking to the world. Yeah, I think that's it.

In any case, the proper response of a conscientious person living in a declining civilization is ... TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Unless you're a Hebrew prophet, in which case "thundering" is the thing to do.

But Mel Gibson -- to the delight of Muslims everywhere, who have long believed that the West is decadent, and that Al-LAHH is poised to take it over -- simply thunders. And of course the fans cheer. They always cheer. George Michael, Pink Floyd, Mel Gibson, yayyy!

But wait a minute -- I forgot about the Jews. Maybe they're the ones who are engineering the Decline of the American Civilization.

Trivia question: who was Mel Gibson's chummy co-star in "Lethal Weapon?"
Danny Glover, one of the most implacably angry, most reliably and
famously anti-American, activist-actors in Hollywood.

I am looking forward to seeing Mel's film. Aren't you?

Bob adds: The original version of this post described Mel as a filthy rich Malibu traitor, but felt it was too intemperate. So, with added hyperlinks, I’m happy to take responsibility for Gibson being filthy rich Malibu traitor.


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