Consiracy theory and obsession with authority

Continuing my obsession with George G (see here and here), check this: Disturbingly Yellow » Galloway on Darfur: Conspiracy. Exaggerated. Propaganda. - An analysis of George's denialist viewpoint on Darfur, showing how his distortions of the facts exactly echo those of the Sudanese government. (More on this from Archontan, which is full of stuff worth reading right now.)


I also like these two comments on a post on the same topic at Pajamas Media:

John Blake:
Galloway represents in purest form the syndrome of Affective Personality Disorder (APD). This entails identifying with "authority figures" in compensation for one's own deep-seated sense of powerlessness and lack of worth. Paradoxically, the weaker and the worse one feels, the Affective Personality strives to take on opposite attributes: Apocalyptic chest-beating, monomaniacal delusions of of grandeur, an "us against the world" mentality focused on tearing down, never building up.

Deride "pop psychology" as you will, we assert that absent clinical extremes Freud's entire discipline is nothing but-- labels, words affixed to quasi-recognizable behaviour patterns. Nonetheless, unscientific as "psychology" may be (no experiements, enumeration versus quantification, no predictive quality), cases such as Galloway's are readily identifiable.

To such APD types "morality" and "reason" are as foreign as integrity or good intentions. In seeking ever-new autocracies, the more deathly and destructive the better, ends not only justify the means-- means are the end. Galloway will not change, only intensify efforts to blight and ruin others' lives. But when their audience Moves On [intended], he and his brutal cohorts may at least be left to brood their debilities in silence.

Louis Spielman:
Galloway has always struck me as a corrupt but rational man. After all, he had many "sterling" reasons for his support of Saddam.

I should also take this opportunity to highlight Will's correct point about my characterisation of Galloway as a racial nationalist:
He's actually an anti-Scottish nationalist - dead against Scottish independence he is. Although this actually works in favour of your overall thesis if you get my drift.


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