Links for the day, American edition (or: Left is right and right is left)

Conservative Realism or Disingenuous Callousness?
- David Corn in The Nation on conservative "realists" and liberal types looking for, but failing to find, common ground "beyond neo-conservatism". An indictment of any part of the left that it is even interested in finding common ground with the Kissengerites. (Worst offenders: the LRB and all its fans who embrace Kissinger devotees Wald and Mearsheimer.)

The Reality-Based Community: Appeasement
- Mark Kleiman pondering the Bush regime's crypto-doveish freeing of a Mahdi Army thug at the behest of theocratic fascist Moqtada al-Sadr. Appeasement? Kissengerite "realism"? Good PR on the Shi-ite street? You decide.

Barbara's Blog: Is It Safe to Go Back to Church?
- Barbara Ehrenreich reaches out on behalf of the left to America's Christian majority. About time, I say!


Anonymous said…
Good for you Bob! Liberals and leftists are so embedded in their war camps, most of them, that they can't even look above the parapets at the wider world. Forward the radical center!

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