Rejioce at the dismantling of a fascist regime

a General Theory of Rubbish: Apologia? Fuck off
Deposing Saddam Hussein remains something we should be proud to have done. Solidarity with post-liberation Iraq cannot be abandoned now.


Sholom said…
"Deposing Saddam Hussein remains something we should be proud to have done"

Who is this "we" of whom you speak? The word "we" implies two entities, me and you. What role did YOU play in the invasion of Iraq and deposing of Saddam Hussein? Where were YOU on 19/3/2003, the day war was declared? Were you in Kuwait, preparing to cross the border? Or were you perhaps sitting on your ass in Brockley, drinking a beer and watching it on the brainwashing box; hearing about it from some pansy-ass softie "embedded" reporter with a corporate-sponsored and government-protected bias?

IRAQ - If you haven't been there, shut the fuck up.

BTW, Saddam's regime was not fascist, it was totalitarian socialist.
Will said…
The we is us fuckwit.

What role did you play in the deposing of SH? You didn't play any did you? You, like the rest of your sort argued from the false dichohotomy that it was do nothing or oppose. Wrong on both counts.

BTW I couldn't give a fuck what designation you give the regime of SH. It was a disgusting mass murdering sort, so stick that up your ass you pathetic prick.

Oh - I've just looked at your sites. Don't bother Bob - the freak is a freak of the highest order.

"I am Sholom, the anarchist rabbi. I've fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, modeled for gay porn, been arrested on Critical Mass, and done a shitload of other stuff as well. I'm an aspiring philosopher and a distributor of independent music. I like to cook, eat, drink, write, read, sing, talk, dance, Smoke, and invent new ways of keeping myself amused."

What a cunt.
bob said…
I wrote this post pretty hastily last night. Not one of my most articulate. But a bit surprised it caused you so much irritation Sholom.

Always good to get called a moron by a gay porn star, always nice to get called a chochem by a rabbi, and always nice to get given morality lessons by someone who uses the phrase “Die frummie”.

Of course, those who served in Iraq have a certain moral authority to talk about the war that those of us who didn’t don’t. Those of us who call for intervention should always remember the lives of our soldiers which we are effectively thereby sacrificing.

But I think it is completely wrong to say that only those who have been to Iraq can speak, and the rest of us have to shut the fuck up. Democracy is about everyone contributing to the debate isn’t it?

And I don’t give a shit if you think Saddam was a “totalitarian socialist” whatever that means (Hitler might have been a totalitarian socialist – AND a fascist), he was scum who tortured people. You might think getting arrested at Critical Mass is heavy, but probably quite nice compared to getting arrested for genuine dissent under his regime.

And, by the way, I might have been sitting on my ass drinking a beer in Brockley in March 2003, but I don’t watch the news on the “brainwashing box”. I use it to watch soap operas and detective shows. But obviously those candy-ass reporters have managed to get to me nonetheless.
Bravo 2-1 said…
I wonder if Sholom was in the 101st in March 2003. It would be, you know, pertinent to your retorts you freaking chumps.
Sholom said…
Will, I'm gloating over the compliment. Thank you for calling me a freak of the highest order.
Anonymous said…
Copy editor; Yes. Only those in the military have any right to speak on anything at all. Let's do away with all that pesky voting and stuff. Simplistic moron.

Sholom; you're welcome.

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