Galloway, Sheridan and their mis-named parties

I managed to miss the fact that Respect [sic] had its annual conference last weekend. No doubt a demonstration of deliberative democracy at its finest.

Dave's Part notes a report saying that Respect, led by someone who has, shall we say, sailed close to the wind on matters of libel, perjury, truth, that sort of thing, will not support Tommy Sheridan, Working Class Hero, if the latter is charged with perjury. Hmm. Pot/kettle/black moment, no? Dave asks what the SWP, who are the majority of "members" of both Sheridan's new scab party Solidarity [sic] and Galloway's outfit, where will they jump? "For, as the Bible makes plain in Matthew 6:24, no man can serve two masters."

Meanwhile, Dave also notes the Respect logo competition, which the Popinjays have picked up on. The image above is Jew 90's entry. More entries here, here and here.

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