Monday, September 24, 2007

For a UCU ballot on boycott

Some UCU activists have started a campaign for a national UCU membership ballot on the boycott question. I am ever so slightly hesitant about this - if all key decisions were made by membership ballot, the union would become pretty toothless. However, when we take industrial action, we ballot members. With a boycott of Israel, individual members will then be expected to implement it. For example, I would be expected to sever my links with Israeli colleagues, which would change the nature of my academic work. I have, therefore, decided to sign the call. More here. Please, only sign the petition of you are a UCU member.

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The W said...

One last thing regaurding that filth that Coleen Rowley wrote in the Huffington post. It reminded me of a line from Trotsky's Thermidor and anti-Semitism. Trotsky is writing about the political struggle between Stalin and the opposition. He states, "The matter went so far that Stalin was constrained to come out with a printed statement which declared: “We fight against Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev not because they are Jews but because they are Oppositionists,” etc. To every politically thinking person it was completely clear that this consciously equivocal declaration, directed against “excesses” of anti-Semitism, did at the same time with complete premeditation nourish it. “Do not forget that the leaders of the Opposition are – Jews.” That was the meaning of the statement of Stalin, published in all Soviet journals."

In pointing out that "Neocons are conservative Jewish...", yet pretending not to be anti-Semitic, Rowley's piece reeks of that very “Do not forget that the leaders of the Opposition are – Jews.” nature that Trotsky described in the propaganda of Stalin.