Protocols of Zion

A guest post by Jogo

Huffington Post, one of the most important and widely read websites in the leftwing blogosphere, published this exposé of Jewish power and influence. So powerful are the Jews, apparently, that a minuscule group of them managed to take control of the government and media of the United States, and then manipulated policy and public opinion to produce the war in Iraq. The writer asks a question that must be on the lips of all concerned Americans: How did they do it? The question is urgent, because if this tiny group is not stopped they're going to manipulate another war .... against Iran. So, we need to find out what happened. How did they do it?

Hmm ... I have been wondering about that, too. Because it just doesn't seem possible that a dozen or so men could actually seize the reins of the United States and drive it into a war. There must be something behind it -- sinister hidden forces, conspiracies, the Mossad, Leo Strauss, networks of Jewish money, the Talmud ... fucked if I know.


I think you m-i-g-h-t have a little problem with this line of thinking. David Horowitz has a problem with it, too. But his writing style is pretty obnoxious, and he's well known as a rightwinger, so maybe you should just ignore what he says.


Also read: Ron Rosenbaum in Slate on Walt and Mearsheimer


Frank Partisan said…
Rowley is whacky. She spoke at my church once. She didn't like questions from the real left.

The left should reject former FBI agents, as friends.
The W said…
you have to love the Dr. E quote at the end as if to say "im not anti-Semitic, look! im quoting a Jew!"

Such nonsense is one of the reasons i dont label myself a liberal, despite my leftward politcal leanings. I am careful of the company i associate myself with.