The socialism of fools?

The new Engage journal is out, with some very heavy-weight contributions, including by Philip Mendes, Eric Litwack and Moishe Postone. Jonathan Green provides a lexicon of anti-semitic terms, from Abie Kabibble to joosh-pipples to Secta nefaria and snipcock.

I'll finish the post with Philip Spencer on left anti-semitism:
And finally, we need to argue that anti-Semitism is wholly unacceptable, that no organisation or movement on the left should tolerate any expression or manifestation of anti-Semitism. It was once (foolishly) said by a great socialist, August Bebel, that “anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools”. It was not and is not any such thing. It is not any kind of socialism at all, of fools or anyone else. A left that tolerates anti-Semitism, that legitimates it, that colludes with it for purposes of mobilisation, as it socialises a new political generation, is in danger of wrecking itself politically and morally.


Anonymous said…
This is from Philip Spencer not Robert Spencer
Jim Denham said…
I think Bebel's phrase summed at least a certain type of anti-semitism, up very well - and continues to do so, as a glance at most issues of thge 'Morning Star' will confirm. Those who object to Bebel's description are, surely, missing the point. His tongue was very firmly in his cheek when he used the word "socialism" to describe this phenomenon.
bob said…
I agree that the phrase "socialism of fools" is useful. Let's work towards a world where it isn't.

P.S. Have changed Robert to Philip! Thanks Gibson

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