Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just not cricket

For some reason, Beyond A Boundary is the only book by CLR James I have not read. Unlike some of my favourite bloggers, I just don't get cricket. But this review in The Atlantic Monthly this week (c/o Jogo) makes me think I really do need to read it!

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Jim Denham said...

Like you, Bob, I know buggerall about cricket (much to the disappointment of my late Dad, a keen village cricketer). But James' book, with its excellent foreward by Mike Brearly, is a brilliant read, even for someone who dosn't appreciate the twack of leather upon willow. James' descriptions of his early days in Tunapuna, Trinidad, are alone worth treading the book for. As he said, "Hknows only cricket, does not cricket know"...or something like that. It was the only book that my Dad read in the knowledge (I told him) that the author was a Marxist...actaully, Dad had also (unknowingly) read another Marxist: Eric Hobsbaum writing as "Francis Newton" on jazz.