Afghanistan: 'It's Our Generation's Spanish Civil War'

Terry Glavin: In the National Post, About Afghanistan: 'It's Our Generation's Spanish Civil War'


Have you watched Slavoj Zizek's oratory on TG's blog? I've been meaning to write a post about it.
bob said…
I'll look forward to reading that Noga!
Anonymous said…
For years, I've considered RAWA to be the closest thing in Afghanistan to the kind of resistance with which I sympathized when I read histories of the Spanish Civil War. (Closest in spirit and, to some extent, ideology.)

RAWA - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan:

...who say here: :

"Instead of defeating Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Gulbuddini terrorists and disarming the Northern Alliance, the foreign troops are creating confusion among the people of the world. We believe that if these troops leave Afghanistan, our people will not feel any kind of vacuum but rather will become more free and come out of their current puzzlement and doubts. In such a situation, they will face the Taliban and Northern Alliance without their “national” mask, and rise to fight with these terrorist enemies. Neither the US nor any other power wants to release Afghan people from the fetters of the fundamentalists. Afghanistan’s freedom can be achieved by Afghan people themselves."
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