Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The European Resistance Archive

Via Arieh: European Resistance Archive – New Internet Source on Oral History of Anti-Nazi Resistance.
In May 2007, a consortium of political, trade union and historical organisations, led by an "understanding of European history, for which the resistance against fascism and Nazism played a constitutional role", launched an online project which might turn into one of the most interesting web-sources on oral history. The European Resistance Archive features video interviews with protagonists of European anti-nazi resistance from Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany and France – with more countries yet to be covered. Each country is represented by an interactive map, showing the most important locations of resistance and repression. The ideological spectre of the witnesses is wide: from Christians and Polish soldiers of the Armija Krajowa to Social Democrats and Communists, like Erwin Schulz from Arbeitersportverein Fichte, Lucien Decastel and Vincent Pascucci from the Jeunesse Communiste, Anita Malavasa from the Garibaldi-Brigade "Antonio Gramsci" or Giacomina Castagnetti and Lidia Valeriani of the Soccorso Rosso. Up to now, there are 20 video interviews of remarkable length – each one around one hour, directly viewable through an integrated web player and featuring selectable subtitles. There is a possibility to browse the interviews by key words, they are also available as bilingual transcripts, making them quotable sources for scholars.

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