Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kode 9

Transpontine sez:
Kode9 and Spaceape– Konfusion – caught some of Kode9’s set at The Amersham Arms in New Cross last Friday. What I like about the stuff he does with Spaceape is the languid MCing, it puts me in mind of the first Massive Attack album, particularly the tracks with Tricky on. Of course both the early 1990s ‘Bristol sound’ and dubstep have in common that sonic collision between reggae sound system culture and other dance musics.
Thank you, Transpontine, for introducing me to Kode9 and, through them, fellow South Londoners Burial.

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Transpontine said...

Yes there's a whole South London history of this sound which I'm not really qualified to write - we're talking Norwood, Croydon and the outer limits of my comfort zone, but it's all good. Kode9 (currently Camberwell-based) is actually Steve Goodman who teaches meejah at University of East London. He was part of that over-intellectualising drum and bass scene at Warwick Univesity (Nick Land etc.) but alone out of that scene he seems capable of making some decent music that isn't encumbered by all that baggage. I will tell you the full story of the Amersham Arms night next time we meet, suffice it so say that I felt rather old, as did anybody over 19. There comes a point when you have to acknowledge that you are no longer the person who goes up to strangers saying 'are you all right mate' and become the stranger in that exchange.

Courtney Hamilton said...

If you like Kode 9, you should really checkout John Coltrane's grandson - Flying Lotus.

He's signed up with Warp Records at the moment.

bob said...

just downloaded some - will report back! I like the fact he has a track "Beginners Felafel".