Seven songs - and then some

So, the Seven Songs meme demonstrated what a great corner of the blogosphere I live in. It reached me neighbourhood via Richard S (Bob's choice: Chic "Everybody Dance" [cf Darren here] and Danny Kaye "Inchworm" (I had that LP when I was a kid!!)). Then on to Andrew (Bob's choice: Curtis "Move on Up"), who tagged me, along with Max, whose list included three of the greatest songs ever (Nina Simone's "Sinnerman", Paul Simon's "Slip Sliding" and Curtis' "People Get Ready").

Max tagged Rob, who tagged Catavino, who came up with a great selection of Spanish flavours, which made my mouth water. And Max tagged Kate, whose list gets extra points for linking to my Estelle/Duffy/Adele post. From Kate on to Beaman (featuring Yehudit Ravitz and some cool Polish ska) and the Meehan (featuring some quality grime).

I tagged Martin, who came up with another great list featuring the amazing Mariza and good old Bruce Springsteen. Martin tagged Shuggy, who broke all the rules, brilliantly, and Paulie, whose list include a couple more of the greatest songs ever (Rotary Connection "Black Gold of the Sun" and Roy Ayers "We Live in Brooklyn Baby").

I tagged Noga, whose list is also great, and features Sergio Mendes and Wasis Diop. Noga tagged the New Centrist (who only broke the rules a bit, and has an amazing selection, complete with Rapidshare downloads. So many highlights, but Jacob's Optical Stairway reminded me of an old flatmate I once had, who has since fallen on hard times, so that was poignant for me) and Salma (whose lovely list is Leonard Cohen-heavy (which is good by me) and a wonderful Persian version of "Windmills of my Mind", which she has uploaded for us to share).

And I tagged Richard, of Rough In Here, whose list is extraordinary. It spun me off on a journey that included SoundRoots, BKLYN, SoulBlending, Aurgasm and Masala.

Max and Richard both tagged Transpontine, whose list is superb. The Kode9 track with the Spaceape vocal is way cool - see here. I also liked "Portal", on the same album, which I found at Missing Toof. The Campbell and Lanegan track also took me on a journey that included Frequenze Independenti.

I think I'm still waiting for Jams, Roland, Darren and Incognito, but my three out of seven enriched my life enough I don't mind.


Oh, and the book/sentence meme from way back: as well as responses I already linked to, see Graeme and TNC.


Andrew Brown said…
I was thinking very similar thoughts about the breadth and goodness (?) of the lists I'd seen.

You should also check out Too Orangy's seven too.

And while I don't mean to be pedantic, I think I tagged Transpontine.
Roland Dodds said…
My apologies for the slow start. I’ll have it up tomorrow.
kate said…
Bob this was a really good meme. Much enjoyed and shows such a wide range amongst us all.
Imposs1904 said…
Sorry, I've had my post in draft for a bit but football has taken over my blogging preoccupations in recent weeks.

I will get round to it and, you're right, it is an excellent meme.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link.

Were you ever able to download those files???
jams o donnell said…
Sorry Bob, I've been away for a while. I will definitely do mine this weekend

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