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On Howard Jacobson and Caryl Churchill's Seven Jewish Children:
On the BNP:
  • Addendum to this post: Boffy on Ravenscliffe, where the BNP are mounting another challenge, and how socialists should respond.
On the Convention on Modern Liberty:
I wonder whether COML presenters acknowledge that modern liberty isn’t the only thing we hold dear which is under threat. I wonder if they’ll actively and sympathetically relate to other threats - terror, hate speech and incitement. I can see some speakers whose radars are attuned to such things. But it is too often the case that the people who staunchly defend liberties - free expression being one, free movement another - then retreat, job done, leaving beleaguered minorities on their own to defend themselves against free speech taken to extremes and with no commitment to relevance or political responsibility.
On "free speech":
Other things:


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