Thursday linktastica - late edition

The wildcat strikes:
  • VIMEO exposing the BBC's lies about the wildcat strikers' racism (also mentioned here), via Mr Stott.
  • Ian Bone picks some of the best SU comments critiques of the SWP's idiocy in relation to the strikers.
  • Barnsdale Brigade on Caroline Flint.
  • Not to do with the wildcat strike, but you can listen to afore-mentioned Bone interviewing afore-mentioned Stott here. Interesting comments on the BNP and (at about 9 minutes) the Rushdie affair.

Oops, just edited this from "the odious Henry Williamson". Henry, of course, Brockley resident and Tarka The Otter author, was also odious though.


Anonymous said…
I did not know that Bishop Williamson was a 9.11 conspiracy nut. But it fits perfectly. Jew-hating and 9.11 conspiracy are made for each other.

Williamson is a very very nasty man with nasty friends and nasty influences. He is a 5-star Jew-hater, and if you scroll down the youtube posters you can see that he's not just some oddball. He is a serious person. A serious Jew-hater who gives aid and comfort and intellectual heft to the vast Jew-hating subculture.

It is ridiculous to ask him to "recant." Like asking Galileo to recant. Let Williamson be Williamson.

Pope John xxiii was a great man. In terms of moral vision for the future, he was up there with Martin Luther King. Now, in long retrospect, one appreciates the strength of John's imagination and courage, for surely he was bitterly opposed by his contemporaries. But he wore the infallibility of the Office.

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