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Sharia in Britain, one year after Rowan Williams:
Is Caryl Churchill's Seven Jewish Children antisemitic?
Forgiveness and irony:
  • Roger Scruton has a very profound piece in the latest City journal on the legitimacy of secular government in the West, in relation to the philosophical challenge posed by Islam. Even if you don't agree with all of it, very valuable food for thought. [h/t Jogo] (More from Francis here.)
Rick Stein and Rudolf Rocker:
Of Maus and men:
Islamism is a political not religious ideology:
News from the border:
  • Our politicians and mainstream media like to hate Robert Mugabe, but our system is not hospitable do those who seek sanctuary here from his horrific regime. Lorraine Thulambo deserves asylum here.
  • A rare piece of good news on the asylum front, and one that might cause the Daily Mail a conflict of interest: Pegah Emambakhsh, Iranian lesbian whose partner was executed by the theocratic regime, has finally been allowed to stay after four years of fighting against her expulsion.
Battling against indecentism, right and left:
And more reading selections here and here.


Martin said…
Thanks for the link, Bob, and for the links - especially the Scruton piece. I'm not a great fan of the man, but this was one of the best things I've read on Islam and the west for a while.
Roland Dodds said…
Thanks for the link Bob. The Marko piece should be required reading.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link, Bob.

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