Liberal fascism continued

Back here I linked without comment to Nick Cohen's review of Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism. Here, the Fat Man puts his finger on what is wrong with the book and therefore the review.


Anonymous said…
I definitely am happier with the Fat Man meta-review than I was with Cohen's piece, but I have to say that I love reading Jonah Goldberg, who gets a regular column in the otherwise emaciated Chicago Tribune. Goldberg is a smart conservative, and I find his perspectives challenging in a good way for my anarchist sensibilities.

That said, I spent an hour once in a bookshop browsing through Liberal Fascism, and the book isn't up to the level of his regular columns. He did present some interesting material on WEB Dubois and his ambivalence about the Nazis, but a lot of the narrative was about assuming that all forms of statism necessarily tend toward fascism, which is just obviously false, as Fat Man points out.

Only tangentially related, but more interesting in my book, have been some recent assessments of the trajectory of what might be called "imperialist anti-fascism." See, for example, the final sections of the long piece recently posted to the Three Way Fight blog, here:
bob said…
I'm very pleased to read you saying you enjoy Goldberg. I think he's a good writer, and insightful. I think it is important that we read outside our ideological boxes. I would recommend that radicals read Stanley Crouch and Roger Scruton as much as I would recommend that conservatives read WEB Du Bois and Mike Davis (to give four quite random examples!)

I'm off to 3wf to print off the post you recommend, as the question of imperialist anti-fascism is certainly something I need to reckon with (especially as I have mainly used this blog to push against fascist anti-imperialism). Will get back to you on this!
bob said…
This morning I linked to, went to and printed out the wrong piece. Mike, you meant me to go to Don Hamerquist: Thinking and Acting in Real Time and A Real World, and my previous comment is to a response to it (which I read over lunch). So, I'm printing out the right thing now, to read on the bus home.

I have to say, 3wf is quite irritating in the way it posts these debates. How hard would it be to link in the responses to the piece being responded to? This creates quite an insiderish feel.

Anyway, I like Dave Hamerquist, so I'll report back next week on his piece!
bob said…
Dave/Don, now I'm getting confused too...

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