Back in gear?

Antisemitism and the left
Louis Proyect: Anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, anti-Dogmatism. Mainly about the American SWP (not to be confused with the British SWP), but also includes swipes at two of my hate figures, Alexander Cockburn and James Petras. Proyect is on a different page to me on this issue, but perhaps not in a completely different book. Related, Tendance Coatesy has a thoughtful review of Denis MacShane's New Antisemitism book. Re Caryl Churchill, here's Shalom Lappin's Five British Children.

South London
The Dissident sound of New Cross. Three from Transpontine: the closure of Greenwich market, on Bermondsey's Jade Goody and the MSM's "thick prole" meme, on some Brockley graffiti. Swastikas on a Goldsmiths website? John Hutnyk on a Cultural Studies controversy. Brockley Central's shameless middle class food thread, and nice pics of Crofton Park in blossom. Green Ladywell: three years of civic blogging.

The Miners' Strike
History is Made at Night is publishing some stuff on 1984: on the chant "Here We Go", on his own recollections from Kent.

Top round ups from Poumista and Anti-German, and a good Carnival of Socialism from AVPS.


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