Poumista on mourning anti-fascist heroes, and on whether those heroes are quite so heroic. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, I am still hanging on the cliff's edge with Jams' on-going narrative of the life of Red Cushing.


Anonymous said…
Hello, I saw in a web this comment from you: The ALBA Jewish Volunteers module is very good, but suffers from a focus on the Stalinist history. There were foreign Jewish volunteers in the anarchist militias and in the POUM militias, and anti-Stalinist Jewish leftists abroad (for instance in Argentina, Mexico, North America, Palestine, France and London) played a heavy role in organising aid and solidarity for the Spanish revolution. These stories need to be told too.

I am very interested in this topic I am currently now researching about Jewish soviet presence in the Spanish Civil War, could you help me with your knowledge? Thank you. Marta
Anonymous said…
Hi Marta,

A good place to start would be the ALBA records at the Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, New York University. Some of the finding aids are available online. They also have a microfilmed copy of the Soviet personnel files. This is not available online. You need to go there in person to view it.

bob said…
Marta, I will, maybe a in couple of weeks, try and publish a post about Jewish anti-Stalinists in Spain. Just for now, a couple of items.
* Emma Goldman was in Spain for a while after the revolution, but saw herself as more useful abroad, generating publicity. She spent time in London, where she frequently spoke on the subject. She worked closely with both the socialists of the ILP and the anarchists, and spoke in both Yiddish and English on the topic. Around the same time, Rudolf Rocker, who had earlier lived among the Jews of the East End, was persuaded by Goldman to write texts on anarchism and on Spain, which were published by Secker and Warburg, who also took up Orwell when he was dropped by the pro-Stalinist Gollancz. Details of this available via a few googles if you can't wait for my post.
* The Workers Olympics in Barcelona had Jewish athletes from Palestine, mainly members of left Zionist Hashomer Hatzair, which was a sibling party of the Spanish POUM. Some served in POUM militias.
* I am not sure, but I think there was one British Jew in the ILP Contingent, which served in the POUM militias.
* In New York, the most active fund-raising for the POUM and CNT came from Jewish and Italian migrant radicals, both in the anarchist movement and in the socialist movement.

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