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"Gay imperialism": More from Shiraz, Mod, Andrew C.

The BNP: Funded by a Suffolk toff. Also, I spent some time at Lenin's Tomb debating responses to the BNP and found it a less unpleasant experience than last time I was there. 1 & 2 I already linked to. Continue after the conversation turns to Islam4UK at 3, 4, 5, 6. Suprise conclusion: me and JohnG actually agree on something.

Not all "friends" of Israel are friends of the Jews: Shockingly, I agree with Mehdi Hasan on something too, specifically that the row over Kaminski should not obscure the hideousness of the Tories' other Euro-allies. Meanwhile, the BNP's new-found pro-Israelism should not obscure the hideousness of the Israeli right.

Stalinism's posthumous survival: Jim on Neil Clark on the GDR.

Of different kinds of walls: Shiraz Maher on some walls we should all know a bit more about.


ModernityBlog said…

Sorry, but I can't help wondering if people are being incredibly naive concerning the BNP's supposed support for Israel.

Say, instead the BNP said,

"Right, we've all taken up regga and now we believe in multiculturalism , man!"

then no one would believe them for a split second, yet Israel pops into the picture and people's analytical skills seem to fly out of the window.

Strange eh?
Entdinglichung said…
btw.: Talk2Actions has assembled some material on other anti-semitic supporters of Israel:

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