Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Continuing our conversations 3

Some day I'll go back to blogging properly. In the meantime, some odds and ends. (Note: Wednesday morning: some links repaired.)

Chomsky, Bosnia and free speech:
David Campbell's Chomsky correspondence. (If the link doesn't work, read it at Standpoint. Very important.)

Radical support for murder:
Evan Daniel: Pathology and Ideology: Major Nidal Malik Hasan and the Case of Leon Czolgosz.

The MNS, India's BNP? The right's confusion on challenging the BNP.

Khaled Abu Toameh: What does "Pro-Palestinian" really mean? (via Terry). Fighting for Palestinian freedom while wearing Nike. Guess whose building a wall now. Blockade of Claude Lanzmann’s film “Why Israel?”. Eyes Closed and Covered (more on the anti-Zionists' blockade of Lanzmann). Karl Pfeifer blood libelled.

Civility in blogging:
Harryism and internet toxicity (my comment here).

Fauxialism and left/right convergence:
Conservatives against war and for Stalinism. The hurt of no longer being. Alexander Cockburn: Reaching Out to the Right. Democratic Green Stalinism?

Shoot them like partridges. Terry Eagleton on Walter Benjamin on history. Understanding poverty. Something Smells Different in Cuba.

Music and resistance:
Iran: In protest against the theocratic regime, the popular Iranian singer and composer Mohammad Reza Shajarian has asked that state radio and television stop broadcasting his work. Here are some mp3s of this great man's music: Zabane Atash, Bebar ey abre bahar, Maleka, Morgh e Sahar. (Mostly from EasyPersian.) And also check out Ata Ebtekar and the Iranian Orchestra For New Music Performing Works of Alireza Mashayekhi, and some Raks and roll from 1960s Iran.
A great new music blog, from some of our mutual friends: Some Lost, Some Found. Cool Turkish psychedelia. 1970s Turkish prog rock. Choubi Choubi: folk and pop from Iraq.

More odds and ends from Roland. TNC rejoins the fray, with some great music and some recommendations. From the archive of struggle, including Yivo arcana.

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ModernityBlog said...

Funny point about Nike, never thought of looking at it like that, then again that probably applies to Adidas and Puma.

Still I'll be smug in my New Balance ones!