Continuing our conversations 2

After being provoked by anti-Zionist excess: Planting trees in Israel/Palestine.

On friends of Israel who are not friends of the Jews: Raincoat Optimist (who I thought I added to my blogroll, but didn't, but now will).

On the BNP: The BNP, Racism, and Contemporary Europe (original, no hyperlinks, here). The Mail and Sun doing Griffin's work for him. Antifa England statement.

On sex trafficking: Facts and fictions.

On Roman Polanski: Even old men should pay.

On David Wiffen: The Cowboy Junkies Sydenham connection.

On boycotts: Low-paid growers and pickers versus Nike-clad students.

On the invention of the Jewish people: Sand in the eye of Jewry. The Khazar hypothesis and far right logic. Jewish in Uganda.

My comment trail: Gert says "Broccoli Bob: Leftist? Attacks on the LRB really are the preserve of the intellectual part of Daily Mail readers, Mad Mellians etc." I eventually respond, and then get into a debate with Gabriel Ash, who blogs as "Evildoer". And then Mark Elf says "Bob you're full of fucking shit". I eventually respond. That's probably enough immersion in the Jews sans Frontieres waters for me for another year.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe it, did you forget about me Bob, hmmpfff (though I forgive)
Anonymous said…
"Bob you're full of fucking shit".

You can see from this exclamation that Elf is linguistically challenged. The words he can reach out to in order to express his extreme displeasure are picked up from a very small word pool, insufficient to do the job, actually. What's "fucking shit"? A cliche intensified by another cliche, and an impossibility. Shit does not fuck, if you'll pardon my explicitness here.

The resort to cliches denotes the state of a stunted mind, and a cliche by cliche would suggest an even more fossilized state of mind. I wonder if we can grade a person's relevance by the quantity of the cliches one can find in his/her discourse. I mean, once you run out of cliches, where are you going to go?

Noga (CC)
SnoopyTheGoon said…
Immersion in the Jews sans Frontieres waters could destroy your finances, Bob: the quantity of antiseptic you need now could ruin you. Take care ;-)