Six out of ten ain't bad

Following the fat man, I found my review on Like the fat man, I get six out of ten, and this review, which to quote Jane Austen, damns me with faint praise:

Bob from Brockley writes clearly and in a very articulate way. Whether you agree with his views or not he puts them forward in an intelligent manner.

The blog has a clean design with a reasonable level of interactivity. However, this blog ranks as OK rather than outstanding although we're not quite able to put our finger on why.

Despite being ranked no.23 in the Total Politics list of Labour blogs for 2009, as the author himself admits, he's not entirely sure why as he doesn't consider himself a pro-Labour blog.

Note: Flesh also gets 6, Duncan only 5, and Modernity a whopping 7.

Update: I notice SU gets the magic 6 too, Paulie ("not quite as much of a reactionary as his bio suggests"??) is up there with Mod at 7, while Chris Dillow is ahead of the pack with 8 (probably because of all the soft porn).


ModernityBlog said…
I am speechless, 7 out of 10, and I'm only running on about 10-15% of my brain power, how novel !

You and the fat man were beaten unfairly, you both write better than me (dragged up in the gutter, honest, guv'nor) and cover a wider range of topics.

Very peculiar, I didn't think anyone much read my blog let alone Politics UK, and if they think I am none too polite about the Tories now, just wait until those bastards get into power.

Then I should get a well deserved 3/10, 4/10 tops!
bob said…
Mod, If you're on 10-15% of your brain power, I'd hate to see you on full throttle! But I guess at least the impending Tory victory will have an upside: an even more vociferous Mod!

I feel I need to spend more time attacking the Tories and less time attacking the left between now and May, in my tiny contribution to putting off the hopefully not inevitable.
Anonymous said…
Cheers for pointing this out Bob. I didn't realise someone had taken the time to review my blog.

Fair criticism of it as well, I don't think mainstream politics is particularly interesting or even that important.

Also, congrats on the 7 Mod!

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