Hanukkah music

Note: Not sure why the box.net box below only has a fraction of the songs in it visible. Will try and fix it. However, if you play the tracks, the invisible ones do actually play. Update: If you click Menu in the top left, then Go to Box.net, you can see (and play) the whole folder.

I uploaded a Hanukah mix for my virtual friend Schalom Libertad, and thought as I'd taken the trouble I'd share it with my wider on-line family. Not sure of the legality and ethicality of this - let me know if you own this music and want me to remove it. Folks, if you are inspired, try and buy the originals!

Some explanation:

"Dreidel Song" = This is Don Byron from Plays The Music Of Mickey Katz. See here.
Y-Love = African-American convert to strictly Orthodox Judaism, raps in Hebrew/Arabic/Aramaic/English.
"Miserilou" = Middle Eastern folk song made famous by Lebanese surf hero Dick Dale. This is an old Sephardic cantorial version. See here.
Oi-Va-Voi ("Balkanic" and "Yuri") = British klezmer/Balkan/drum & bass. See here. These tracks are from their self-titled second/third album.
"Matovu-Bor'chu" = a recording of a Friday night Jewish prayer ceremony in 1968, set to jazz by Herbie Hancock and Thad Jones. Info here.
"Boee" = Israeli multiculturalist Idan Raichel, here remixed by Diwon, featuring Y-Love.
Boom Pam = Israeli surf rock band.
Hop Hop Hoodios = Ladino rap.
Kutiman, Karolina & Funset = contemporary Israeli funk/soul/reggae. See here.
Soul Messengers ("Saviour...") and Tonistics ("Holding On") = Black Hebrews who migrated from Chicago to Dimona and recorded these in the early 70s. See here.
Musicmarkers Ltd = Italian disco band of the late 1970s. See here.
Kinky Friedman = standing for Governor of Texas in 2010.
Blue Fringe ("Eshet Chayil") = Dov Rosenblatt's American alt.rock band.
"My Yiddishe Mama" = the version here is Connie Francis.
"Der Galter Bulgar" = A Dave Tarras song, here recorded by Japanase klezmer band A-Muzik. See here.
Meshugga Beach Party = Jewish surf rock. See here.
"Kol Nidre" = This is the 1958 Johnny Mathis version. See here.
Rest should be reasonably self-explanatory!
"Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" = This is the Harlem Experiment version. See here.

Want more? Klezmonauts - Xmas Yiddish; Pudie Tadow and DJ Flack - hip hop and illbient dub; a huge playlist from avante-klezmer hip hop to Christmas forro; a mostly hip hop playlist from Brooklyn Vegan; Neil Diamond; Etienne de Crécy - sacred house; Gods of Fire (for Keith); and all sorts of beautiful, mainly folksky, things from Boogie Woogie Flu.

Finally, Erran Baron Cohen featuring Y-Love (via SoundRoots)


schalomlibertad said…
thanks Bob! the real hit was "Chanukkah´s da Bomb!"

"All da Jews in da Hause say ´Channukah´!"
Anonymous said…
Rockin The house of Hanukkah since 2006 Poppa's Kitchen's A Rockin Hanukkah

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