Saturday, December 05, 2009

Peruvian fat-stealers, Turkish psych-rock, Chomsky's stocks and bonds, and much more

Peruvian fat stealers: bizarre but fascinating.

TNC's last Sunday round-up (see my comments there and at FiG on the Honduras elections).

Capitalism a love story: on the high finances of Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky.

Tired of the Israel lobby? Meet the oil lobby.

David Miliband: and Yiddishkeit.

Joel Schalit posts a mix of Turkish psychedelia to complement the stuff I posted here. Here it is, about the length of two sides of an old LP (more info here).
TurkishPsychMix by Elders of Zion


Technolustmaxx said...

You know, every time I see the word Zion- or deriatives thereof, even when mentioned in reggae songs- I feel slightly under fire.

Are you the last person left who uses it confidently?

bob said...

I think the Elders of Zion are using it with a certain amount of irony here, rather than "confidently".

But why does it make you feel under fire? It is an ancient term for the land of Israel. It is especially commonly used in the Psalms, most of which were written while the Jewish people were in exile, and often express a longing for home.

This was picked up in the cultures of the African diaspora, who used the Psalms to express their own sense of bondage and exile.

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