Some non-traditional Israeli music

I've posted before some music from the Israeli reggae scene, from Julija at Aurgasm. Here's a little more: Karolina & Funset and Kutiman. The former is pleasant, cheery and dare I say it cosmopolitan (if a little lightweight) reggae pop (with a slightly clicheed rasta/Zionist theme on "Lion"), ideal for an icey cold South London day. Kutiman features the same vocalist on the pretty good reggae/Afrofunk "Music Is Ruling My World". "No Reason For You" features a different vocalist, Elran Dekel, and is contemporary-sounding stoner Afrofunk.

Meanwhile, los amigos de durutti: Check the Violin features supercool Israeli-born hip hop violinist/viola-player Miri Ben-Ari, playing on a DJ Logic track.

ADDED: Daniels Counter: Hero Remix, Israeli Anti Male Chauvinism Song re-mix in "Techno" looks at DJ Moran Kariv's techno remix of Si Himan's "Gibor", Hebrew feminist anthem and hit of 1987.

Bob's beats genre keywords: reggae, techno, funk.


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