Friday, June 11, 2010

Banned from the Troxy

Just going to add a couple of things to my already distended list of links to do with Gaza, Israel, flotillas and so on. Eve Garrard, highly recommended, on Israel, human decency and common humanity. Tony Judt, not someone I endorse in general, is worth reading on the binaries in the debate. (Via Feministe.) More trivial, Gene channels Lenny Bruce on Lenny Lenin as a goy and Carl spots George somewhere dodgy.

On the English Defence League, read this at Harry's Place. The piece is problematic, as it equates UAF with the EDL, which is completely unfair. (See comment thread here for discussion of that.) Anyway, it's about the upcoming ruck at the Troxy in the East End. My friend Gil writes:
Incidently I recently came across a JC article from the '30s that detailed a small BUF gathering outside the Troxy where Blackshirts were "parading around" and trying to sell their paper. Apparently there were some scuffles, and the reporter claims he heard several people comment "It's lucky the police are here to protect them or else those Blackshirts would receive such a lesson that they wouldn't come again". Apparently the Blackshirts were calling out "Read the Blackshirt. The only British paper not financed by Jews".
On immigration, is the end to child detention an own goal?

Local matters. Goldsmiths College is planning to close its nursery. For details of upcoming protests, go here. (It seems Goldsmiths' involvement in school privatisation has been defeated, so there is hope.)

Bob' beats: General Ludd versus John Henry. Here's Johnny Cash:

[Alternatively, listen at Blip.]

OK, that's me until next week, when I will be back to lighter blogging...


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Yeah, that HP piece is shite, devoid of any politics or understanding of neo-fascism, etc etc

Waterloo Sunset said...

Whitechapel United Against Division (who I believe are a WAG offshoot) statement on the EDL & The Troxy

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