Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cultural acceptability

All I seem to have time for at the moment is round-ups. In my most recent, I linked to Gita Sahgal's OpenDemocracy post. I was reminded of the importance of this when I read this from Peter Risdon:
A wife-basher’s violence would no doubt be less damaging if carried out under medical supervision, but that doesn’t mean our hospitals should feature supervised domestic violence evenings.

From an editorial about Female Genital Mutilation at the Australian Daily Telegraph. In a paraphrase of an older quotation, it ends:

And if people want to play the culture card, here’s a quaint old cultural practice of our own. In Australia, we put child mutilators in prison. For years.
The via is Tim Blair, who has an update:
Secretary of the Royal Australia New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Dr Gino Pecoraro is interviewed by the ABC: “Dr Pecoraro says it may well be better for the girls involved if the parents had a far less severe but culturally acceptable alternative.”
Those two words, "culturally acceptable", are why we need people like Gita Sahgal.

And why we need One Law For All, who are marching in London on 20 June.

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