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Some updates on last week's posts.

The Islamic conference at the Troxy has been cancelled, which I presume means that the English Defence League protest and UAF counter-protest are also not happening, and presumbly also that the anarchist mobilisation against both the EDL and the Islamists will also not be happening. (Text of the Whitechapel United call at the bottom of this post, below the fold.)

More on the EDL: on the involvement of Loyalist gangs (ammunition for Waterloo Sunset's suggestion that the EDL represent a kind of homegrown loyalism), on the EDL's alleged involvement in the Zionist Federation's pro-Israel rally, on the fascist idiots in the EDL. Related: Gary Younge on whether gay rights is a Western value.

The Save Goldsmiths Nursery campaign now has a blog and on-line petition.

Brockley Max: some nice photos (h/t Gregor). No Atzmon, thankfully.


On Sunday 20th June 2010 extremists from both the UK Islamic Conference (UK-IC) and the English Defence League (EDL) threaten to invade our local community in Tower Hamlets. Neither of these groups originates from this area but attempt to recruit, divide and create trouble spreading their respective poisons. To this we say NO.

The UK-IC are hosting a dubious event involving controversial speakers Muhammad Hassan, Hussain Yee, Bilal Philips and others who espouse extremist lines condoning rape, pedophilia, killing homosexuals, military camps and anti-Semitism. This is taking place at The Troxy 490 Commercial Road and not at a mosque or religious school due to the fact the communities using those places of worship have identified the speakers as not welcome.
The EDL are planning to hold a counter-demonstration under the rhetoric of anti-Islamic extremism, spreading a racist sentiment while waving the banner of nationalism in response. They are a divisive element, not understanding the fact that the extremist elements they claim to be against (Islam4UK, Abu Hamza, Al-Muhajiroun) have all been kicked out of mosques by Muslims themselves! What the EDL do is polarise our communities, lumping all Muslims into one homogenous group while justifying pro-war sentiments and fueling Islamophobia. Their drunken presence chanting football songs will do nothing but trigger conflict within our community – the real reason behind them wanting to come here!
As one of the most socially deprived areas in London we know things aren’t perfect in Whitechapel or Tower Hamlets, but as neighbours living side by side, trading within the markets, as workmates in the hospital, post office and colleges we put aside our minor differences and get along as an east end community. We are proud of the multi-ethnic working class history of standing up for ourselves that defines our areas identity, from the memorial commemorating locals stopping the fascists marching down Cable Street to the memories of kicking the National Front off Brick Lane after the murder of Altab Ali. That’s why we have to say NO to both the UK Islamic Conference and the English Defence League in coming to our east end. We have to stand together united and let them know by our presence that they are not welcome here.

We cannot let these divisive groups enter our community and must defend whitechapel against them!

Whitechapel Community Defence.



Thankyou for linking my photos from your site.

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