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From Bob's archive: Hattersley, Benn, Foot and socialism of the heart

I wrote this post in 2010, in the early years of the Cameron-Clegg coalition. I am re-posting it now as an oblique comment on the Labour Party leadership contest. It was part of a series on political influences which I may one day take up again. 

I dreamed I saw a tree full of angels, up on Primrose Hill And I flew with them over the Great Wen till I had seen my fill Of such poverty and misery sure to tear my soul apart I've got a socialism of the heart, I've got a socialism of the heart – Billy Bragg “Upfield”

I was brought up in a Labour Party household and later joined the Party the moment I was eligible, on my fifteenth birthday. In those days – this was the period of public service cuts, of mass unemployment, of the miners’ strike, of police brutality in the inner cities, of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, of the Battle of the Beanfield, a period overcast with the imminent threat of nuclear war – it was clear who the enemy was. Thatcher and her Conservative Party person…

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