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False flags in Detroit: On the multipolar grift and the disinformation ecosystem

A 35 year old woman, Randi Nord, was arrested in Detroit for an attack on a synagogue and on a Scientology church . She was charged with "ethnic intimidation and vandalism" she spray painted antisemitic graffiti on the front of a Royal Oak Synagogue in April. Nord also has made threats to airports in Oakland County and Wayne County. Around the time of the incident in Royal Oak, Nord told police she also painted a swastika on a child’s stroller and on a car at a synagogue in Oak Park. So far, the sort of antisemitic desecration that occurs across the US any given week... But it gets stranger . She spray painted a swastika and the word “AZOV” on the Jewish cultural community building. “She said she planned to do as many hate crimes as possible and blame them on Azov,” said Royal Oak Detective Dan Pelletier. She told police she wanted to show people Azov was in the U.S. and to instill fear against the nation’s support for Ukraine. Azov, as you know, is the right-wing Ukrainian m

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