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Anti-government protests in southern Syria

Druze protestors, via Syria Observer The Syrian revolution is not dead. This week regime-controlled parts of southern Syria have exploded with protests: men and women, religious and secular, Sunni and Druze, merchants and public sector workers, bearded clerics and girls in jeans. Twelve years after Daraa gave birth to the revolution, a decade after Assad's chemical war on rebel civilians began in Ghouta, eight years after the Russian intervention that rescued Assad's regime.  I've been tweeting about the protests and am pasting my thread from Threadreaders, so apologies for any format glitches and check back there for updates. Bob From Brockley 🥤  Subscribe @bobfrombrockley Aug 17   •  19 tweets  •  5 min read   Read on Twitter  Bookmark  Save as PDF Thursday 17/08 Inspiring general strike in Al-Suwayda, Syria, including by shopkeepers and public sector workers. Slogans call for dignity and reject the house of Assad. In an effort to contain protest, yesterday Syria’s dicta

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