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From Bob's archive: The Miner's strike at 40

I've not managed to keep this blog going lately, so I'm going to try to schedule post from the archive once a month, so it stays warm even if I don't get back to it. The original post here was published in 2009 , towards the end of our last Labour government, on the 25th anniversary of the Miner's Strike. I brought it out again a decade ago , on the 30th anniversary of the strike, towards the end of the first Cameron government. I've dusted it off a little bit, but it feels more relevant than ever now, after a decade and half of renewed Tory destruction of post-industrial communities and the right's cynical weaponisation of the "left behind" - people who were left behind, first and foremost, by capitalism and by Thatcherite economics.   2014 Yesterday was Budget Day, and our  Tory  government gave us a penny of a  pint of beer and reduced tax on Bingo , claiming this was "to help hardworking people [note how "hardworking" has become a si

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