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Saddam's execution

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Shane MacGowan on Kirsty MacColl

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Trial by tabloid

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Sarf Londonism

My imam

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It's political correctness gorn mad...

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Solidarity with Iran

Dershowitz versus Finkelstein

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Pinochet: good riddance

"a curtain political stand"

Human rights and the failings of the Israeli state (Or, I had a shower with a serial rapist)

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Beer for Jews

Hasten the glorious victory of Bob no.2


This 'n' that

Bloggers4Labour Blog Awards

Iraqi trade unions: fighting back

Hasten the glorious victory of Bob

Ordinary Muslims against the Newham mega-mosque

Asghar Bukhari: Playing the Anti-Semitism Card

Hitch the leftist

Liberal anaemia, etc

Nadia Eweida and the Adams Family

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The New Generation

B4L Blog Awards 2006

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Anti-semitism and anti-Zionism in Scotland

All you need to say about the hijab issue

Mansoor Osanloo is re-arrested

New Generation

No Music Day

Right outcome, wrong process

Stop the racist backlash: stop the SWP

A "friendship free from past burdens"

Eco-terrorism, neo-liberalism, internet pranksterism

Lewisham sucks//guerrilla gardening

Fascism and its faces

Remembrance Sunday

Salah Choudhury's death penalty trial begins today

That nasty George Galloway swearing

New Cross events

Can liberals deal with extremists?

Khatami: Iran's Pinochet (British police arrest the wrong man)

Clifford Geertz (1926-2006)