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From Bob's archive: Authoritarian Leninists against real human emancipation

From Bob's archive: Four-letter words acorss the Atlantic (Jogo)

Probably my last post on the UCU activist list scandal and Harry's Place libel threat

Some comments on the UCU list's David Duke link

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Pete Seeger

Jenna Delich, the UCU and David Duke

our humanly race

Saban Bajramovic z''l

Leo Abse Z''l

Flesh is Grass rocks!

It is noh mistri / we mekkin histri

Jerry Wexler

Bar Kokhba Sextet

Non-violence, Hugo Chavez and Gene Sharp

Russia, Georgia, South Ossetia: the propaganda war and the real war

Tony Blair or Lauren Booth?

History is Made at Night

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Anyone who thinks Marxism is no longer relevant...

Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia

Rogue states and police states - and their defenders

Jewish music (a stress on the ish)

The greatness of Isaac Hayes

Two weekend threes: Wackness and madness//Chicken

Like Chamberlain we will have prepared the banquet feast for tyranny's table

Bashing the SWP

Boris and his lies

Part II

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Viva Durruti y Orwell

Three unrelated items

Found music addenda

The Bin Ladens of the Balkans

Lattimore Brown: I ain't dead!

Jewish Labor Committee

Karadžić’s supporters: the red-brown alliance

The Spanish Civil War in San Francisco