Thursday, December 15, 2005

Food emergency brewing in Malawi

Excellent reportage from AlertNet here:

SLIDESHOW: Disaster brews in Malawi as food runs short : Why are food prices skyrocketing in Malawi, where aid workers say a full-scale emergency is looming?

TALKING POINT: Malawi food experts question emergency aid system: Aid agencies are stepping up food rations in Southern Africa, but food experts say emergency aid only keeps crises at bay for a year at a time.

ANALYSIS: It's hard to tell a famine from normality in southern Africa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The sensible anti-war left 2

Bill Weinberg on International ANSWER

See also his good piece on Chomsky.*

(My last Chomsky here. My last ANSWER post here. Sensible Anti-war left 1 here.)

*I lost the link. Check out all of these.

The Tookie Williams Vigil at San Quentin

The Tookie Williams Vigil at San Quentin: I don't know how I feel about Tookie or his execution, but it seems sad that he has become a rallying point for the left in California. The white left that is, apart from a few African-American politicians and their bodyguards. Or should I say that part of the left who have a fuzzy enough notion of what fascism is to think that Arnold is literally a Nazi, that George Bush should be executed, that George Bush's America (rather, 'Amerikkka') is more or less fascist in fact...

Having said that, I prefer them to the (also white) people who turned up with cardboard placards saying 'Hang the Bastard', 'Cook Kookie' and so on...

Is David Cameron a Jew?

"Is David Cameron a Jew?" is my top search referral today. I don't think he is. Anyone?

Protect Darfur: London demo this week

Protect Darfur: demonstrate in London on Friday

Travels to New Cross

Richard Preston's photos of journeys to New Cross

Bye Bye Walworth Road: HelenLC on Flickr


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Madonna and Michael Moore

Clive Davis and Small Town Scribbles on Madonna's "documentary".

David Cameron

Finally the media circus of the Tory "leadership" contest is over, and the posh boy won. Bloggers4Labour reports.

Meanwhile, also from B4L, Jogo likes this rare piece of moral clarity:

"It reminded me of the "How can we think of doing X when there is so much Y in the world?" idea that is so popular with cynics. How dare we ban foxhunting when a million people are on the dole? How could we think of liberating Iraq when the real problem is world hunger? In so doing, almost any practical policy can be blocked, or made to look ridiculous, in comparison to a morally pure policy that may be impractical, or unachievable, and which the cynic may not even genuinely support."