Anti-war Israelis

As I wrote yesterday, the anti-war movement in the UK seems to me to be characterised by a very one-sided position: it is not anti-war, but anti-Israel, and in support of Hezbollah's (and Hamas') war on Israel. This does not reflect the much broader anti-war sentiment across the UK, which is anti-war period, as they say, not anti-war.

It suits the movement's mis-leaders to keep the fact out public attention that many Israelis are against their country's attacks on Lebanon - just as it suits the supporters of the Olmert position. Thus Daniel in several recent posts has been highlighting the anti-war movement in Israel, indeed making the point that it is perfectly possible to be anti-war and Zionist. (On that issue, see Yossi Beilin on the test of the Zionist left)

On similar lines, Arieh sent me this JPost article, about the lack of publicity given to mass anti-war events in Israel.


SnoopyTheGoon said…
I am quite disturbed by some of what you call anti-war movement, Bob. If, as you say, the anti-war movement in the UK is anti-Israeli, some elements of our anti-war movement seem to be just what the name means: anti-war, without any viable alternative solution on offer.

Becrying the horrors of war is not enough these days, unfortunately.

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