Christians, Muslims and other reprehensible people

Is Mel Gibson an anti-Semite? By Christopher Hitchens Mel is sick to his empty core with Jew-hatred, apparently. (But at least he apologised, unlike the Jew-haters in the Stop the War Coalition, as Jim notes.)

Jim again: Clerical fascists at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Bush the fundamentalist: Karen Armstrong talks rubbish, as Shuggy rightly points out.

Previously: Praising Hezbollah, Books burning, rockets falling


Hiya Bob,

Thanks for the namecheck for Shiraz Socialist - and if you bung us on your main links list then we'll link right back.

What's your political background BTW? You seem quite well versed in the stuff of the left.
Will said…
Probably a lot more backgrounnd than you you eedjit.

What you mean by stuff of the left?

Crap built upon crap? If so Bob's not yer man.
bob said…
Blimey! Now I have to decide whether to entitle my next post "stuff of the left" (or maybe just "stuff the left") or "crap upon crap". For the moment, let me say I've dallied here and there on the left, as I've got a half-composed post in memory of Ted Grant where I tell the story in more detail. Have been meaning to add Shiraz Socialist to the list for a little while - on my to do list

And who TF might you be, ya keyboard-based B52 liberal, you?

Oh, wait, you're an anonymous blogger... my hero...

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