Katrina anniversary soundtrack

Some beautiful music to commemorate Katrina:

Randy Newman "Louisiana 1927" and the gorgeous Aaron Neville version, both MP3, (former via some strange opendir, where you can get loads and loads more New Orleans music, latter via Tom Flannery)

Bruce Springsteen "My City in Ruins" (RAM, via Cincheetah)

Willie Nelson "City of New Orleans" by Steve Goodman (MP3, via the wonderful Rocky52). This isn't my favourite Willie version of this song; he has a harsher more acoustic version which I prefer, where he opens a capella and then the music kicks in. In comparison, this version, though lovely, is a bit saccharine. Here's the John Prine and Steve Goodman version, MP3, via that same opendir.)

Planxty "The Lakes of Pontchartrain" (can't work out where I found the version I've got, but here's a lovely instrumental version on MIDI, via contemlator.com)

Nb: If anyone knows I am doing something illegal or unethical by posting these, let me know.

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