Soundtrack to the final extermination of the Israeli people

Two good posts from A Cloud in Trousers (both also at DST4W):

1. Qana draws a line between good and bad advocacy of Israel. I hope (I've been a good advocate - see here.)

2. MP3 players and the privatization of public spaces describes the purchase of an IPod Nano, and bigs up someone not very politically correct in our corner of the so-called "decent" left: Gilad Atzmon. I've attacked Atzmon several times on this blog (you can google the links if you have energy), but I have to agree musiK is a great album, a fwe tracks of which are on my IPod and ease the pain of the already privatized public spaces I move thru on my Sarf London journey to work. (And Will says it's OK to be this incorrect.)


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