War dispatches

The media war
Peter Wilby in the New Statesman on media coverage of the conflict.

If not pacifism, then what?
Excellent article by Brian Brivati on Michael Foot and more.

Tsumami of anti-semitism
I thought the Chief Rabbi was misguided when he used the above phrase. But that's what we're seeing now, thanks to the conflict in the Middle East. ENGAGE documents swastikas in Rome, offensive graffiti in Glasgow, defaced memorials in Brussels, and violence in the Antipodes.

Apocalyptic Muslim Jew-hatred
The American Thinker: Apocalyptic Muslim Jew-hatred
Analysing jihad

The Truth about the attack on the UN
Jogo sez:
Here is the truth, the florking TRUTH, exactly as the Israelis have said it


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