Thursday, January 04, 2007

Obligatory Celebrity Big Brother Post

I can't believe it's that bloody time of year again, as if January isn't bad enough as it is we have to endure Celebrity Big Brother. And with no Germaine Greer or George Galloway to liven it up. Tommy Sheridan turned it down. Kilroy-Silk, the Sheridan of the right, didn't turn up. Donny Tourette, from the punk band Towers of London, is as good as it gets.

Oh well. Here's a completely gratuitous picture of Shipna Shetty from Stumbling and Mumbling.

Friday morning
Well, I succombed last night and watched 20 minutes. What a bunch of freaks and misfits! Except maybe that nice Danielle Lloyd, who thought Winston Churchill was America's first black president.

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