Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reality TV

Having completely failed to watch (let alone blog about) Celebrity Big Brother, I'll pass on James C's suggestions for some new reality TV shows. Here are the three best:

"Reality TV" A group of TV execs sit around a table coming up with ideas for a reality TV programme. Each week the one with the worst idea is voted off, the winner gets their programme made.

"Pro Celebrity Boxing" Copying the successful format of pro-celebrity golf, profestional heavy-weight boxers go ten rounds with some of the country's favourite "celebs". Nikolay Valuev vs Gorgeous George Galloway would get the series off to a good start.

"Helmund" Labour Defence Ministers spend six months in Southern Afghanistan being shot at by a highly motivated and experienced enemy. Viewers ring in to vote for the Minister they want to send home. The one with the most votes stays exactly where he is and gets on with the job in hand, as do the rest.

Footnote: my favourite referral this week was a google search for "celebrity big brother jewish"
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