The bikini versus the Jew

One of the google search strings that brings people to this site, probably more than any other site, is some variation on "Segolene Royal bikini pictures" (which I've hyperlinked to the post where they go, just to keep that google juice flowing). What that says about the web and the world is quite obvious and quite banal.

Slightly odder is the large number of hits I get from google searchs along the lines of "Segolene Royal and Jews". I've noted on this sort of thing before, but it continues to strike me. The Jew, or Jews, remain an object of fascination, to Jews and non-Jews alike, that disturbs me.

It turns out, the Economist's blog notices the same thing, and that search terms that go with Sarkoszy (not having been pictured in a bikini, as far as I know) are "jew" and "juif" . Their conclusion:

More of this stuff here.


So you are basically saying, if we all made a few links to erotic sites our blogs would be hit a 1000 fold?

How about
"Daniels Counter not yet naked"!"
"Jewish circumcised organs"?
But yest it's true Jews are an item of odd fascination to some. I notice that myself on my blog through some of the readers who have very strange ideas in deed sometimes.
. said…
Bob, any chance of dropping me an email? I don't have your address and have something I want to forward to you (nothing to do with Bikinis). Neil (Transpontine/History is Made at Night)
Incognito said…
I had people say they were disappointed she lost because she was a 'babe'.

How superficial and idiotic is that?