Friday, May 25, 2007

Israel boycott continued

More links for yer (slight update 29 May, on the eve of the UCU conference)

Journalists boycott

The NUJ boycott: where it's at

Medical boycott

Doctors' voices against boycott

Academic boycott

Less than a week until my trade union, the University and Colleges Union (UCU), will be debating a boycott of Israel at its national congress.

Sensible Israeli academics get shouted down at UEL by pro-boycotters
Professor Miriam Schlesinger of Bar Ilan University, a former head of the Israeli branch of Amnesty International, said the atmosphere was "very extreme". It was clear, she said, that the UCU members had not come to listen to the arguments, but to make speeches condemning Israel.

The professor, who in 2002 was removed from the editorial advisory board of an academic journal at the University of Manchester’s Institute of Science and Technology because of her nationality, said: "A boycott against Israel will achieve no useful purpose." Dr Jonathan Rynhold, a lecturer in politics, said that the meeting at East London had an undercurrent of hostility.
Here's a report of the visit by the same delegation to Brighton university, another boycott stronghhold. And here's the anti-boycott material they have prepared.

Extra link: slightly hyperbolic editorial in Ha'aretz

The Rolling Stones

One final boycott target: the Rolling Stones.

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Renegade Eye said...

A boycott is a very dufficult maneuver to pull off. I hope it works.

sphinx said...

Hi Bob,

I responded to your comment and uploaded the text at .



Brockley Nick said...

I thought this nonsensical academic boycott idea died off a few years ago - sorry to see it's still going. How can you take seriously anyone who regards Israel as a unilateral agressor in the Middle East?

May as well threaten a boycott of the US on the same basis, except then academics would actually have to make some sacrifices.

All very silly and depressing.

bob said...

thanks for the download sphinx, and thanks for the comments RE and BN.I'm going to put up a post clarifying my position.