Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mud-slinging Zionist

Ralph Seliger does a very good job of taking apart Efraim Karsh's negative review of Sari Nusseibeh's Once Upon a Country .

I'm a half-hearted supporter, by the way, of a one-state solution. I don't see it as equivelent to destroying the Jewish state, simply absorbing it in a liberal democracy that is not exclusive to one ethnicity alone. But I realise that this aspiration is rather meaningless in the shorter term...

Nusseibeh, incidentally, is an opponent of the academic boycott of Israel.


Incognito said...

The sad truth is that the Palestinians don't want peace. They are so full of hate there is no way they could live in peace with Jews. They can't even live peacebly with their fellow Muslim Palestinians.

Their mantra of hate and feelings of victimization have been such a huge part of their group pysche, how do you suddenly change that?

And a 'one state solution'... you mention absorbing the Jewish state into a liberal democracy, but how do you blend Israeli democracy with fundamentalist Islam?

It's a very sad situation. But they're very open, now, about their agenda.. I'm sure you've seen the recent info on the Hamas children's show "Tomorrow's Pioneers". They talk openly of Islamic world domination.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
And I'm sick of this "boo hoo, poor Palestinians" propaganda.

They're not nice neighbours - they've wanted to destroy Israel for 50 years, ever since Israel was founded. And worldwide Islamic terrorism is part of the same Jihadic project.

The fact that the Palestinians have been suffering means one thing only: Israel is massively more powerful than they are. And Israeli agression is not really surprising, because Palestinians are determined to be their enemy.

I have no hope - not when they teach their children Israeli hatred as soon as they can talk, read and learn - even taking them to scenes of violence to get the education they think they need.

**** those people.
Then again, they already are ***** - and its their own fault.

"Islam, the religion of peace".

Transpontine said...

Well I guess I am more of the no state solution tendency, probably equally meaningless in the present context. There have been windows where secular radicals from Israel and Arab countries have found some commonality see e.g but they have always been a tiny minority, more's the pity.

bob said...

I agree with Incognito that a one state solution is not practicable (is that the right word?) in the immediate future. Liberal democracy and Islamism wouldn't mix well; decades of hate and rage won't dissappear overnight.

But I also think that a one state solution is ultimately the only right solution. An Israel for Jews only is a 19th century idea whose time should have gone long ago, if it weren't for the hatred Jews have experienced (and continue to experience) the world over.

And I also think it is wrong to say "the Palestinians don't want peace". Of course, not enough want peace, but there are many who do, and we need to help them - and help them get heard.

bob said...

P.s. thanks for the great surrealist link N

Larry Silverstein said...

Israel is the best country.
Jews are the superior race.

This is why there is all this hate, and this is why there is anti-semitism.

Clifton Liver said...

FYI Israel is not a state exclusive to one faith. 25% are Israeli Arabs, 5-8% are Christians, Druze, and Bedouin, and the Knesset (Israeli parliament) has more Arab, Muslim, and female representatives than entirety of countries which surround Israel's border. I sense you're one of those inspired bloggers who has written more than he has read on the issue.