Friday, May 25, 2007

The new Stalinism

Chavez shuts down critical media outlets - and is defended in this by paragon of civil liberties, Tariq Ali. (See TWP at Shiraz Socialist for more.) Ali makes a comparison with Death on The Rock, which essentially lost Thames TV its franchise. "Controversial, but a legal decision", says Tariq. But I remember that time well, and lefties like Ali (and me) saw that as outrageous.

Meanwhile, in Communist Vietnam, independent unions are illegal. Farm workers union leaders are in jail. Of course, veteran lefties like Ali (and me) have long stood up in solidarity with the farm workers of America, boycotting grapes when asked to. But where is the left for the Vietnamese farm workers? (Actually, of course, I'm not old enough to have boycotted grapes, but hopefully you get my meaning.)


Renegade Eye said...

You are off base about Chavez. See the story at my blog.

It is ridiculous to call him Stalinist. You have no basis.

The RCTV played an active role, telling people to go into the streets, against Chavez in 2002. They reported he resigned. When Chavez took control, they ran cartoons rather than announce the coup failed.

They will still be allowed to run on cable.

Vietnam always was Stalinist.

I'm linked to your blog.

bob said...

Thanks Snr Renegade. Clarification no.2 will respond to this - currently half-written.