Thursday, August 23, 2007

Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Community

The New Centrist with an interesting article (and interesting comment thread) on the Armenian genocide and the leadership of the American Jewish community.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Dunno. It seems to be a rather clear-cut issue. There was a genocide, and there is politics that make both our (Israeli) government and some Jewish apparatchiks elsewhere mealy-mouthed about it. A shame, really.

Even if one wants to be politically pragmatic, one has to look at the ascent of Islamism in Turkey now, and understand that the love affair with Turkey is getting to its predictable finale.

So it is quite a time to stop being evasive...

bob said...

Does the rise of Islamism make a difference? The rise of the AKP is also the downfall of the CHP, of Kemelism, of the military-based right-wing secular nationalism. The rise of the AKP is also an embrace of Europe and of the EU. This therefore opens up the possibility of a re-think of the official denial of the Armenian genocide. Therefore now is exactly, as you say (but for different reasons), not the time to be evasive.