Monday, August 20, 2007

Muslim, Italian and Zionist

Here are two articles on the fascinating figure, Magdi Allam, Eygptian-born Italian journalist.
Hat tip: Jogo


G said...

Oh for Christ's sake (so to speak).

Allam believes that "Israel - along with Pope Benedict XVI - represents the residual hope for Western civilization, which, more than other civilizations, embodies the sacredness of life and personal freedom".

He sounds as fascinating as the drunk at your local bus stop. There are interesting points to make about the direction of Arabic culture, but to conflate intolerant with anti-Zionist, as the Jewish Press article does, is ridiculous. Tolerance and Zionism do not go hand in hand.

G said...

I went a little far there, as his personal history is interesting and his stance is risky for him personally. I can't help but be riled by a declaration that Israel and Pope Benedict, of all things, embody personal freedom. Sheesh is the word i'm looking for.

bob said...

I totally agree re Pope Benedict, half agree re Israel. I'm not endorsing him, but think he is interesting.

And, in a small way, I think it is a sign of hope that there are Zionists from Muslim backgrounds, as it is a good thing to open up the space of politics, away from the fixed positions of identity politics, the two armed camps of the war on terror and the "anti-imperialist" struggle.