Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Cross stories

Relentless bad press:

3:AM Magazine » So Much For The Underground: "...The East London Line has proved to be a fascination to me since I arrived in London and (unintentionally) found myself living in the (then) deeply-unfashionable area of New Cross in the South London backwater borough of Lewisham..."

I'm Medicated How Are You? - Placebo Biography - Part 1 "At the age of 17, Brian moved to London to study drama at Goldsmith’s College in New Cross, while Stefan finished his schooling in Sweden. The five years in South East London (New Cross, Deptford and Lewisham), was a dark period of Brian’s life. Recalling the depressing places he stayed and some of the bad habits he acquired. This added to the earlier psychosis, which in the end featured in the compositions on the first album ‘Placebo’. "

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