Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ward Churchill 8-1

This is an edited version of an e-mail from our occasional guest-blogger Jogo.

Terror-loving, racist, evilprof Ward Churchill was fired, finally.UC Regents voted 8-1.
Read the local (Boulder) newspaper story for a richly detailed account of the proceedings.
Note behavior of the Churchillites.
Can anyone, other than ACLU die-hards, fanatical commieprofs and domestic Hamas-loving insurgents, still maintain that Churchill was fired for his beliefs? There is an easy litmus test for evil (or useful idiot) commieprofs: if a prof is FOR Churchill, he's on the other side of decency. Canvass your colleagues, and take careful note of the results. You might need to remember, some day, when the shooting begins on campus, who was who in this fight.
Make no mistake, Churchill is the face of the pro-terror left. He is plainly a thug, never having demonstrated, from Day 1, even a pretense to professorial presentation of himself. His supporters (the tenured, the Colorado bar-certified, and the lumpen) are also thugs.
Good riddance to Ward Churchill. But this firing will only turn him into a Sheehanesque actor of titanic proportions.
Here are some more stories, possibly closed to non-registrants. Also some pix following.
In one photo, Churchill, in uniform, raises his fist (why?) after the vote. Churchill talks to media after the vote, with corny AIM flag skillfully positioned in background.
But wait! What's this AIM business? Does the American Indian Movement support Ward Churchill? That is what the flag and the t-shirts are implying. Can it be true? Or .... might there be an internecine real-AIM/fake-AIM thing that we white people aren't aware of?
Note that Russell Means and his "Denver AIM" are considered by them to be renegades and evil-doers. Also note that Real AIM (and its honorable chairman and directors Dennis Banks and the Bellecourt brothers) have only contempt for Ward Churchill. Click the links under their letter for more interesting stuff.

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