Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hitchens on Iraq and Vietnam


mnuez said...

Cause you say it's essential reading I'll give it a click (otherwise I never would owing to the mind-murdering tedium of any further discussion of Vietnam and/or Iraq) but I'm more generally wriuting because I just this moment read a really fun piece from Hitchens regarding his book tour https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=10131050&postID=9008760969456086650 . If you like Hitchens (particularly if you're at least somewhat sympathetic to his crusading spirit) you'll enjoy this piece.

Anyway, cheers and blessings and I'll have a looksee at this piece you quote as well as at further notes in your blog (which I came to some time ago and can not say for certain exactly how).


mnuez said...

I'm glad I trusted you. It was, in fact a worthy article (primarily owing to its [sadly] unique perspective).

Also, I gota say that you seem overall to be an interesting fella and I imagine that I'll enjoy reading more of your blog and staying abreast of your posts and commentaries.

Cheers mate,


mnuez said...

Whenever I am complimented I tend to start worrying that the complimenter may be a noodge. I am not.

The more I've been reading from your page (as well as from your wikipedia page) the more happy I am to have made some passing acquaintance with you. Your academic position frightens me somewhat but hey, I'm a generous guy and I'll grant you a pass on it. :-)

Its rare that I come across someone who actually appears to have an interesting and coherent point of view that differs from the two or three "acceptable" POVs that the unwashed masses are familiar with and which they view as the only "reasonable" points of view a non-kook can hold. And, yes, the "three" was written with a generous heart.

In any event, coming across a Yiddishist (of sorts) who's intelligent and discerning and who is proudly both Jewish and Marxist (rather uncommon nowadays) is a tainug. Now if you'd only join me as a Jabotinskyist...

but I won't push it. :-)

Kol Tuv un ales gut and all the best,


bob said...

Noodge: that's going to be my word of the week.

Thanks for the kind comments mnuez. I have had a look at your blog - some fascinating stuff. I'll dig deeper.

Jabotinsky: no, I'm not going to join you on that one. I see his politics (like Marcus Garvey's) as a variant on fascism.