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P.S. WW4 Report: Aleida Guevara says Che is not Chamran. Hat tip: New C in comments here (follow the comments thread at WW4 as well).

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jams o donnell said…
Did you go to that exhibition at the V&A last year?

I don't see Guevara as a heroic figure and his revolutionary initiatives after Cuba seem to have been pretty inept. I daresay he would have become a footnote in history had it not been for the Korda photograph
bob said…
I didn't make the V&A show.

I like the look of Cuban revolutionary graphics (see Posters of Cuba - The Crimson Dawn Island) even if I don't like the politics.
Frank Partisan said…
There is serious problems in Cuba. The Floridians Bush supports would turn cuba into Haiti. First thing they'd do is privatize healthcare.
Anonymous said…
Bob, thought you might be interested in this:

Renegade Eye writes:

“There is serious problems in Cuba. The Floridians Bush supports would turn cuba into Haiti. First thing they'd do is privatize healthcare.”

It will be a beautiful day when the Cuban people are able to have free elections that allow them to contest their political ideas is a democratic and peaceful manner. The exiles will remain just that, exiles. If they want to vote, they’ll need to go through the process of getting Cuban citizenship. They will be a small minority of the electorate.

Another thing to consider, Cuban exiles in the U.S. may generally be anti-Castro, but there is great diversity in political opinion from state to state and across generations. The old exile community in South Florida tends to be the most conservative and the Cuban community in metro NYC/New Jersey much less so. Younger Cubans, those without memories of the island and the way things used to be, also tend to be less dogmatic.

Lastly, the Caribbean islands may share some similarities in terms of history (colonialism, slavery, monoculture/sugar economies, etc.) but each has a different set of economic resources. Cuba, while lacking capital, is rich in terms of an educated labor force and fertile land. The situation is not identical to Haiti which lacks capital, an educated labor force and fertile land.
bob said…
Excellent points NC! And thanks for the WW4 link.
Incognito said…
Che has been romanticized over the years. But, I think he probably would convert to Islam. Latin America is fertile ground for conversion. The Zapatistas in Mexico have been converting in droves. Just subsitituting one form of fanatacism and radicalism for another.

And Ren, as for Cuba... their health care might be free but it stinks.
I love your page all that talk about this character that was very revolutionary for the time helped me
I gave a crooked smile when Bush said "Card is more than a friend to me." Guess they'll miss the afternoon delight after this.
I wish you could make a bumpersticker that worked as well as your "there's only one guy who needs to resign" comment.
viagra said…
I don't think that he will convert to islam but probably the play is a commedy and I think that probably will be fun.